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Here at Spirit Speech Services we want to ensure we meet your needs from the very beginning. For simplicity, we have organized our services specifically for:

Our areas of specialization

Accent training provides a method for modifying a foreign accent in order to improve intelligibility in conversational English. Initially, an in-depth personal analysis will be performed to identify specific areas of concentration. An instructor will then teach appropriate speech modification techniques, as well as the basic sounds and principles of American English. Figurative language, body language, and suprasegmental aspects of language (stress, tone, pitch) will also be addressed.

Designed for:

Public speaking not only requires preparation and confidence, it also requires poise and effective communication skills. The natural pressure of speaking in front of large groups can cause dry mouth, stuttering, forgetfulness, monotone speaking, and overall poor performance. Through speech coaching, we can improve your confidence, speaking style, delivery, grammar, vocabulary, and overall communicative effectiveness.

Designed for:

This treatment specifically focuses on language difficulties and communication disorders. Rehabilitation the objective and with our therapeutic techniques and strategies, patients can realize dramatic improvement within a few sessions.

Designed for:

This approach motivates employees towards their goals with speakers of the same language and error patterns. Groups are comprised of 4 to 6 employees for small group settings and 7 to 20 for large group settings. Instruction is still individualized but largely based on common errors. The evaluation will be conducted individually to assess the individual errors and the group will be analyzed to address the commonalities.

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